Sunday, 19 August 2012

17-19 August 2012 – Yazd & Naein

On 17th August 2012, we traveled from Aburkah to Yazd. Along the way we had a picnic lunch at Mehr Spring before reaching Yazd at 6.20pm.

Mud house at AburkahAt Mehr SpringOur watermelon cooling off in Mehr Spring

Narrow alley in YazdDSC_0563

Alexander Prison @ Yazd>>


Lariha House (traditionally built house of the Qajar era) @ Yazd>>

DSC_0600DSC_0602DSC_0603DSC_0606DSC_0615DSC_0614DSC_0616Courtyard surrounded by buildings on all four sidesP1040003

Zoroastrian Fire Temple @ Yazd (The fire in this temple has been kept burning for centuries) >>




>> Fresh Pistachios from the tree !!






We reached Naein around 2.40pm on 19 August 2012 and there was no one in sight. We saw little “caves” with doors half hidden from view and wondered if people here still lived in underground caves. Soon, a man came over the hill and started waving at us to follow him. He entered through one of the doors. As we were curious to see what was in the little “caves”, we followed. Soon we discovered that these “caves” are where the rug weaver still carry on their trade using traditional means. Here are some pics >>

DSC_0205DSC_0207DSC_0208This little "machine" is used to spin the thread ready for weaving.

After our little tour at the rug weaver’s, we ventured further into Naein village. Clockwise, one of the alley in Naein, some old ruins, mosque and the fort from Sassanid era, known as Narin Ghal'eh >>


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