Since we were young, my parents' idea of a trip is to "see where the wheel of the car turns". As kids we were never really sure where we will be spending our holidays. So if anyone were to ask where we were going, we'd tell them to ask again when we get back. Obviously, we can't just wait and see where the wheels of Our Sorento will turn on this long journey.. there are visas to consider and rules and regulation to be understood.. So, here it goes >> the plan for our journey to Glasgow. Since my parents are not one for sticking to plan, we'll see where the wheel actually turns as we go along.

Estimated distance to be covered on wheel: approx. 10,000km
Estimated arrival in Glasgow: week 2, December
Target no of countries: 15


  1. Wah, how long will this take?

  2. bee, estımate about 1 year at the moment.

  3. Hello Julia and Mom and Dad!
    Hope all of you are still doing great, hope to see you guys in Bolton in December :)

    Hani (One of the Malaysian girls you bumped into in Mostar)

  4. Hi Hani, nice to see ur msg :). We r in Croatia now. will try to look you up when we are near Bolton. See u soon.