Tuesday, 14 August 2012

14 August 2012 – Travel from Lar to Shiraz

14 August 2012 (Tuesday) – We were at the park in Lar and had our attention on organising the car and before long, we noticed that my Iphone had gone missing. I was really devastated as my Iphone had helped us in many ways since we arrived. We have been using it to chat with my sister in Glasgow and friends back home and in the US. The translation app has been helping us hold conversations with the many friendly Iranian we met along the way. It was also the means by which we have been communicating with the pump attendant to buy diesel. We have also been using the maps on Iphone to check that we are going the right way. Sigh… we'll just have to be more careful with our gadgets in future.

We left Lar early. At 10.50am, we arrived in Qoth Abad and looked around for a shop to buy a new SIM card. As we could not speak or understand Persian, we did not managed to get the new SIM. We headed for a nearby grocery shop to buy some fruits and water. As luck would have it, a customer at the shop could speak a little English and took us back to the nearby telephone shop and helped get us a new SIM card. We made a few calls home to let my brother and sister know that we are alright and that we have lost the phone. Then, we continued on our way to Shiraz.


A tunnel we had to go through, 30km before Gambera Village. We are now at about 1,020m above sea level. At this point, we have driven a total of 466km.






At Khafr. We went in search of Khafr Waterfall but did not see any water flowing. Managed to see dates plantation instead.






637km into our journey and we came across this underground water hole. It was a really hot day (up to 50oC) but the water was icy cold and refreshing. The locals taking some to drink. Dad took the opportunity to cool down Our Sorento.


Live goats on sale at Taftian Village. We are now 15km away from Shiraz.






At 6.45pm, we arrived at Azadi Square in Shiraz.We had dinner at the hotel restaurant before turning in for the night.

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