Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fasulye and melons in Kayseri, Turkey (5–6 Sept 2012)

The morning found us about 50 km east of Pinarbasi town, we got off the main road towards Karabogaz village, following a river and stopping at a vegetable farm taking shade under a tree with a stream nearby.The farmer use the stream to water his plot of maize and fasulye (green beans) the length of a palm. We joined the ladies in harvesting the beans. We took advantage of the free flowing stream to wash off the thick layer of dust on Our Sorento. We made and invited the farmer to tea. He obliged by plucking some corns and roasting it on fire. The corns were sweet and tender. We got his name as Cahit Tumuklu, a very hardworking man. He specialises in diverting and controlling the water stream flowing to his vast plots. We stayed and whiled our time away before moving on to Kayseri just before sundown.
Water wheel at Karabogaz village.


Cabbage and broccoli patch

Plucking fasulye as fast as possible before the sun gets too hot. The pickers are all ladies.

The farmer’s wife, his daughter and I with the fasulye I helped pluck.

The pickers are all ladies. The men collects the plucked fasulye into sacks and load them onto the truck ready to transport to the market.

Fasulye waiting to be plucked. They look like french beans, only flatter and wider. Their texture is different and they are tougher than the french beans as well. 

Mr. Ali Kara (left) and Mr. Cahit Tumuklu (right) having a cup of tea with us. 

The drive to Kayseri takes us vast melon patches and through more fantastic views. Here are the photos.

Bahcecik Lake, Pinarbasi

Bahcecik Lake, Pinarbasi

Melon patches at Kayseri

Melon patches at Kayseri.

Kayseri city

Village on the hill side.

Mountain near Karakaya Koyu, 22km away from Urgup.

A variety of Turkish bread we bought from the local bakery. The ring shaped bread with sesame seeds is called Simit.

Dinner tonight. Cookies and baklava for dessert.

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