Saturday, 15 September 2012

Onwards to marble country – Emirdag, Turkey (13-15 Sept 2012)

After the amazing landscapes of Cappadocia, the land turned almost completely flat and seems pretty uninteresting once we were out of the region. We drove through acres of corn and sunflower fields. After two days of driving through smaller villages and towns, we find ourselves in marble country, Emirdag. 
Turkey is located at one of the oldest marble production geography experiencing more than 4,000 years of natural stone production starting at the Marmara Island. Turkey holds more than 40% of the world’s marble reserves, making it the world’s most important natural stone manufacturer. Naturally, the marble cutting factories ran for miles and we drove through countless number of companies all the way from Iscehisar to Afyou Karahiser. We did see long trailers transporting one block of marble at a time on the roads the past few days. All those marbles were destined for the factories in Emirdag to be cut into marble tiles or made into water fountain, statues etc both for the local market and for export purposes.
Blocks of marble, as big as a van, are transported from the marble quarry one at a time on long trailers.

The end product – water fountain, marble pillar, grave stones, tiles etc.

Huge cranes used to move the extremely heavy blocks of stones around.
A mosque in Emirdag.

A monument at a roundabout in Emirdag.

McDonald’s for lunch today! Not the cheapest lunch option, but a nice treat after weeks of kebabs, pide and the likes.

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