Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bosnia & Herzegovina (18 Oct 2012)– Travel from Klobuk to Mostar

Bosnia & Herzegovina was not on our planned route but we decided to give the country a visit as we were so close to it. We reached the border post at about 10am and within minutes we were stamped in. We bought 5 days insurance cover at the border for 47 Euro (a 3 day cover costs 26 Euro), much more expensive compared to what we paid for Montenegro but we had no choice. 

The scenery that greeted us on entry was breathtaking. It was nice driving down the winding road that took us from Klobuk towards Mostar.

Bosnia 1

Bosnia 2

Orthodox church in Mrkonjici – built on the location where once stood the house in which St. Vasilije Ostroski (Saint Basil of Ostrog) was born in 1610. He died in 1671 and was buried in Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro. There was a tree with branches forming a cross just at the entrance of the church. It has a hollow trunk and according to the Guardian, the tree is centuries old.

Bosnia 3

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