Monday, 22 October 2012

Bosnia & Herzegovina - border crossing to Croatia (22 Oct 2012)

We drove along the E761. We just love driving along these roads at our own pace taking in the views of the valley and mountains.


Just 1 km from rest area outside Kupress, driving downhill Dad was stopped for not wearing his seat belt. I was driving and nicely enjoying the winding roads that I did not realise he did not have his seat belt on. We got away with a token 5 Euros, chit chat for a bit and the same policeman told us that UN Malaysian contigent served here. Further down the road, we see empty houses riddled with bullet holes, even cottages belonging to farmers were not spared.


We headed south towards Livno and the border with Croatia.

Crossed the border at Kaneska. We were all individually interviewed by the immigration officers before our passports are stamped, another good experience just for the record in their data storage. After crossing into Croatia, we headed towards Split.

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