(5-29 August 2012)

Here is the actual route we travelled in Iran, starting at Bandar Abbas and ending at the Bazargan border.

We had a 30 day visa for Iran. 

Bandar Abbas to Shiraz:

Shiraz to Yazd. Do make it a point to visit the Persepolis, a UNESCO world heritage site, along the way. If you think the Acropolis in Greece is great, wait till you see the Persepolis. Personally, for me, the Persepolis tops all ancient historical sites that we have visited along the way.

Yazd to Isfahan; en route, Nain (or Naein) is a town not to be missed where you can visit little underground “caves” where rug weavers still carry on their trade using traditional means:

Isfahan to Qom:

Qom to Hamedan and onwards to Urmia:

Urmia to Bazargan border. We had initially planned to cross the border near Urmia to Yuksekova in Turkey. However, due to situations in the Syria/Turkey border, this border crossing was closed. We had no choice but to cross the border into Turkey further north at Bazargan instead and did so on the morning on 29 Aug 2012, with 5 days left on our visa.

Check out my posts in the month of August 2012 for more info and photos on the places we visited in Iran.

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