(15 Oct - 18 Oct 12)

Here is the actual route we travelled in Montenegro, starting from Bozaj (border town with Albania) to Vilusi (border town with Bosnia & Herzegovina).

Total number of days spent in Montenegro: 4 days                                                                                        

Cumulative number of days since the start of our journey: 75 days


Total distance travelled in Montenegro: 208 km

Cumulative distance travelled since the start of our journey: 8,958 km

Click here for Google map - Montenegro

Roads are good in Montenegro. However, we did see quite a few rock fall along the way from the Albania/Montenegro border to Petrovac. Quite understandable as it has been raining off and on the few days we were there. The drive from Skadar Lake to Petrovac is very scenic with rolling hills and valleys.

Near Petrovac - visit centuries old Rezevici Monastery and its 3 small churches.

Don't miss Kotor too, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Malaysian do not need a visa for social visits to Montenegro for a period up to 90 days.

Carnet de Passages en Douane is also not required for Europe for temporary importation of personal vehicle.


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