(29 Aug - 24 Sept 12)

Here is the actual route we travelled in Turkey, starting from Dogubayazit (border town with Iran) to Ipsala (border town with Greece).

Malaysian do not need a visa for social visits to Turkey for a period up to 90 days.

Carnet de Passages en Douane is also not required for Turkey. We had requested for the Carnet to be stamped on entry and although the officer informed us that Carnet was not necessary, she obliged and stamped the relevant entry sections. It was very tedious getting someone to stamp on the exit sections when we crossed the border from Turkey into Greece. Lesson learnt, so we would not be doing the same mistake on the return journey through Turkey next year.

Total number of days spent in Turkey: 27 days
Total distance travelled in Turkey: 2,847km
Cumulative distance travelled since the start of our journey: 6,330km

This is the route we took to explore Cappadocia - A must visit region if you ever find yourself in Turkey. Frequent eruptions from 3 nearby volcanoes millions of years ago coupled with earthquakes, wind and other acts of nature has resulted in the unique landscape of fairy chimneys and rock formations as far as the eye can see.

We board the ferry from Canakkale to Kilitbahir and made our way to Ipsala, skipping Istanbul on this leg of the journey. We will be visiting the city on our return journey.

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