Monday, 5 November 2012

Flood in Tolmin, NW Slovenia – 5 Nov 2012

We spent the night in the town centre of Tolmin. It rained overnight and lucky for us we were on higher ground. We were not aware of the severe flood warning issued by the National Environment Agency but we did notice that the river level was high when approaching Tomlin the evening before. 

We were not aware of the severity of the flooding until we made our way out of Tomlin.
Our first attempt to get onto route 102 toward the border with Italy was not very successful. Here’s a photo of the flood level at 9.10 am just near the junction to Pokopalisce.


We were back at the same place an hour later only to find that the water has risen further. Note the partially submerged road signages in the photos below taken at 10.50am.

Seeing that we could not go towards the border, we decided to back track to Most Na Soci. Unfortunately, that road is also badly flooded. We managed to see how severe the flood is this time around. See the photo below taken at 11.00am.

Another view of the swollen river:

We returned to Tomlin town and asked the locals for directions towards the border. We were told of a village road with a bridge that connected back to route 102 that we could take.

Photos of the flood along the road towards Dolje village:

Is that the bridge that we have to cross??


Single lane bridge just wide enough.

Driving on route 102 towards Italy

More flooded areas en route.



Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bled, Slovenia (4 Nov 2012)

Bled Island and the Assumption Church. It’s the only real island in Slovenia.

We reach Bled Castle at around at 10.40am. It’s drizzling and foggy this morning. Temp at 12oC. Armed with an umbrella, I set out for a tour of the castle.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Colourful old town of Kranj, Slovenia (3 Nov 2012)

We had a late start today, leaving our hotel at Medno at noon for Kranj. It’s 11oC outside and it’s a short 15 mins drive away.


Friday, 2 November 2012

Ljubljana (2 Nov 2012)

Dragon Bridge (1900-1901).
Unlike elsewhere, you can find the name of the architect written on most of the signboards here.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Novo Mesto to Ljubljana (31 Oct –1 Nov 2012)

It’s Halloween today. Here the locals observe Reformation day on 31 Oct and it is a public holiday so almost all shops are closed. The town is pretty quiet too.

We had coffee and spent a good part of the morning arranging our shopping from last night (winter stuff etc) and all the things we had brought along for our trip in our Sorento. Naturally, we had overpacked at the start of this trip and ended up throwing quite a few stuff out.

We left Novo Mesto at about 3pm. Hungry, we went in search of a restaurant. Not an easy thing to find on a public holiday.

At Zuzemberg we came across Gedzo Restaurant and decided to give it a go. This photo is taken after we had our lunch/dinner. It’s already dark outside. That’s the downside of travelling at this time of the year, you lose daylight super fast.

Autumn colours in Slovenia

Here's a video of our drive north towards Llubjana. It's been drizzling.. so what else is there to do but to sit back and enjoy the drive..